Login for Health Professionals

... for public use

Patients and all others involved in medical treatment processes can receive medical documents and image data via MedicalShare. Registration is not required for this purpose.
The use of the service is free of charge, the messages and the attached documents are kept for one month.
... for Health Professionals

Do you collaborate with hospitals or medical institutes and do you want to digitally exchange patient related documents and images in a reliable and secure way, or do you occasionally refer patients for examinations - e.g. X-ray exams - and want to receive the examination reports fast and convenient ? Then MedicalShare is for you.
MedicalShare is supported as a communication channel by a large number of healthcare organizations.
By registering on MedicalShare, you can be easily addressed from all the connected hospitals, and receive their messages secure, fast and reliable. The use of MedicalShare is free for you.
After registering, please allow us one or two days to confirm your account. You will be notified by email once it is up and available.

MedicalShare in a Nutshell

MedicalShare is a node of the Swiss-wide MedicalConnector network, in which most public hospitals as well as many medical institutes and other healthcare organisations participate. Sensitive medical data can be transmitted via this network without any limitation in format or size.

The Medical Connector is a network with deep integration into the hospital infrastructure
The Medical Connector is the largest virtual network in Switzerland for exchanging DICOM image data and sending medical data. It is used in hospitals and institutions.
With MedicalShare you can connect to the MedicalConnector network
MedicalShare does not require any local infrastructure. This communication channel is supported by a constantly growing number of health organisations.

MedicalShare Features

Messaging & Storing

  • exchange messages with Swiss hospitals over the MedicalConnector network
  • receive or send PDF documents or Dicom studies
  • get notified by email when you receive new messages
  • MedicalShare will store content for 90 days
Dicom Viewing

  • view Dicom studies in a state-of-the-art inline Dicom viewer
  • open and compare several Dicom studies in the same Dicom viewer instance
  • download Dicom studies as Dicom zip files oder converted in jpeg Format

  • Send messages with attached PDF documents and Dicom study files to other MedicalShare users
  • Share received messages (with all Dicom or non-Dicom attachments) with other MedicalShare users

Frequently Asked Questions

If you already have am activated account on MedicalShare, which you want to associate with your HIN client, simply open the MedicalShare startinge page and - before logging in - press the button "Login with HIN client". You will then be directed to a page that allows you to vhoose your account and associate it with your HIN account.
Alternatively you can log in to MedicalShare, then open the account settings dialog, and enter the HIN email address of your HIN client in the step "2-Factor Authentication"
Please make sure that your HIN client is up and running, before clicking on "Login with HIN client".
It is possible to set a delegate in the account settings.
Delegates may view or delete messages and their attached documents or images, just like the original account holder.
Optionally, delegates may also receive email notifications for new messages.
This is possible. If you are logged in to MedicalShare, select the menu item "Send message to MedicalShare participant" in the sidebar and select your own account as the recipient of the message. You can attach either PDF documents or Dicom images (as single files or zipped). Please note that it will take a few minutes for the upload to be processed. Once the message has been processed, you will be notified by email.
Sharing of messages, that have been shared with you already, is currently not possible. Only original messages (sent by a MedicalConnector participant or by yourself) can be shared.